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Helgådal stretches from Vuku and inwards to the mountain village of Vera, towards the Swedish border mountains.

The river Helgåa runs from Vera to Vuku, where the river meets the Inna and becomes the Verdalselva. Photo: Skavdal Photo

Helgådal is a lively village with scattered housing developments. Helgådalen consists of several small village centres, such as Ulvilla, Volden, Bjartan and Vera.

School and kindergarten

The nearest kindergartens are Vuku kindergarten and Melakollen kindergarten (between Stiklestad and Vuku).

Helgådal belongs to it Vuku primary and secondary school. In Volden is also located Helgådal Montessori.

Active life in Helgådal

Hiking areas and activities

  • Several marked hiking trails, e.g. to Raudtuva, a peak at the top of Helgådalen with a view over Skjækerdalen. See more tours at
  • Skjækerfossen
  • Cultural memory Malså Mines
  • Salmon stairs in Granfossen
  • Salmon fishing in Helgåa
  • Football field at Elneshøgda
  • Around Lake Veressjøen, a popular family event held twice a year
  • Shooting range, Bjartan
  • Ski lift and illuminated trail, Bjartan
  • Driven ski slope in Malsådalen


You can read about it here local history from Vera and Helgådal.

Skavdalen. Photo: Skavdal Photo

Skjækerfossen. Photo: Heidi Brimi