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Welcome to Verdalslivet!

In Verdal, you`ll find just about everything! Here there are short distances between the city, fjord and mountains, good job opportunities in several industries and many leisure activities for the whole family.


Verdal is located in the Trøndelag county of Norway. Verdal lies close to the magificent Tronheimsfjorden, and is easily accessible by road and rail, with Trondheims international airport just a short drive away.
Verdal is part of Innherred, a district in Trøndelag that consists of the villages around the inner parts of the Trondheimsfjord.


Many footpaths and cycle paths

60 minutes to Trondheim Airport

Train station in the center of Verdal

From fjord to mountain in 30 minutes

With proximity to both fjords and mountains, there are unique opportunities for a rich and active life in Verdal. Here you can fish in fjords, mountain lakes and rivers, go on mountain hikes and take part in many activities!

The cultural municipality of Verdal

In Verdal you will find the Stiklestad National Cultural Centre. Here, knowledge is conveyed about Olav the Saint and the Battle of Stiklestad. At Stiklestad, you also get historical retrospectives, great food experiences and lots of activities - a fantastic area for curious children!

In Verdal it is safe to live and good to grow up

In Verdal, we have 100 % kindergarten coverage distributed among 16 kindergartens. Here we have six primary schools, two secondary schools, a secondary school and university education in theater.

The municipality also has the youth center Panzer in the city centre, in addition to the municipal cultural school. In Verdal, we also have youth contacts who do outreach work and our own environmental team which focuses on the psychosocial environment at the secondary schools in the municipality.

Verdal municipality works actively to ensure that everyone has a safe and good upbringing.

We are proud to facilitate a childhood full of possibilities

With good schools, committed teachers and an active cultural life, Verdal gives the children the opportunity to develop, learn and grow. At the same time, they are encouraged to participate in sports, art and culture, and create lasting friendships.

Welcome to a place where children can really express themselves!

Health, care and social services in Verdal municipality

In Verdal municipality, our first priority is the residents' health, well-being and care - in all phases of life.

In 2021, we opened the doors to our new building Verdal Living and treatment centre. We offer health services, elderly care, child welfare services and social support to ensure that everyone has access to the services they need.

Verdal municipality is an inclusive society that values the diversity of our residents. Together we work to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy life in Verdal.

Welcome to Verdal

Verdal municipality is located in the middle of Trøndelag. The district is also called Innherred, which consists of the settlements around the inner parts of The Trondheim Fjord.

In the inter-municipal cooperation Inherred regional council municipalities participate Levanger, Worldly, Inderøy, Steinkjer and Snåsa.

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