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Stiklestad is located between the center of Verdal and Vuku. Here you get the best of both worlds - live in quiet surroundings outside the city, while being only a short distance from all the necessary facilities. This historic area has a lot to offer, and is characterized by culture, community and beautiful surroundings.

Stiklestad has scattered housing developments, with housing estates in Forbregd/Lein, Leinsmoen, Hallem, Sørenget and Mogrenda.

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre

Throughout the year, you can experience several concerts, performances and other entertainment at Stiklestad. On The Folk Museum are historic buildings and objects that show what life was like in the area in the 17th and 19th centuries. The longhouse and guest house on Stiklastadir are reconstructed buildings from the Middle Ages. In the summer you can experience Viking summer and The Olsok days, with among other things The play about Saint Olav. Before Christmas is arranged "Jul igjen" with a Christmas market and Christmas atmosphere at the folk museum.

Eating places

At Stiklestad you will find Restaurant Skalden. Here you can buy snacks, dinner or a coffee with something good to go with it. The restaurant is located inside the Stiklestad National Cultural Centre. Catering and take away are also offered here. The outdoor dining area is a popular place for the whole family on warm days.

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Architectural image of the new Stiklestad school

School and kindergartens

Forbregd-Lein funfair
Stiklestad farm and outdoor kindergarten

Construction of the new Stiklestad school is underway! The new and modern school is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025.

Stiklestad school 

Things to do in Stiklestad

Hiking areas
There are nice hiking trails in the area around Stiklestad, both for walking, running, cycling and cross-country skiing. Hegstadmarka, Hallemsmarka, Våttåhaugen, Volhaugen, Blommen, Stiklestad Allé.

• Stiklestad IL: Offers in skiing, biathlon, football and gymnastics.
• The Blommen ski stadium offers ski slopes of various lengths. Here you can go skiing with the whole family. The artificial snow system ensures nice slopes and extends the ski season. It has been well prepared for biathlon and with a 2 km paved ski track you can train all year round. There are also nice hiking areas around Blommen outside the winter season.
• Stiklestad 4H
• Stiklestad Sanitary Association
• Fishing Leksdalsvatnet and Verdalselva
• Stiklestad dog center - outdoor yard and social meeting place for everyone with a dog.

Bathing areas
• Along the Verdalselva
• Leksdalsvatnet

Stiklestad is approximately 5 km from the center of Verdal and the train station, where there are departures every hour both south and north. If you want to go out and travel, Trondheim Airport Værnes is only one hour away by car. If you want to take a trip across the border, it takes approx. 1.5 hours to drive to Åre. The bus routes for school transport can be used by anyone with a valid ticket.

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Spelet om heilag Olav på Stiklestad

Outdoor amphitheater at Stiklestad. Here from the Game about Saint Olav.

Fiske i verdalselva

Fishing in the Verdalselva. Photo: Experience Innherred

Spelet om heilag Olav på Stiklestad

Stiklestad avenue. Photo:

Fiske i verdalselva

Christmas Again at Stiklestad. Photo: Stiklestad National Cultural Centre.