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Vuku is located approximately 15 km east of Verdal centre, and is often referred to as Verdal's second centre. Here you will find a grocery store, café, hairdresser, petrol station, car repair shop and fast food.

Hiking areas in Vuku

In the immediate area, e.g. along the river promenade, Vukutrappa, ÅkerJale and Vukurunden.

The Vuku stairs start behind Vuku primary school. At the top of the stairs there is a gap hut, barbecue area, Frisbee golf, several marked hiking trails and a toboggan run. The stairs and parts of the hiking trail are lit.



  • Vuku IL – Football
  • Leirådal IL – Skiing/all-sports
  • Leirådal theater team
  • Leirådal sanitation team
  • Ulvilla theatre
  • Ulvilla sanitary association
  • Quiz in Ulvilla Assembly Hall
  • Vuku School Music Band
  • Vuku 4H
  • Dalaklang Mixed choir
  • AKS (Auskin creative centre). Courses and events in crafts and art.
  • Hunting and fishing (Værdalsbruket/Verdal Hunting and Fishing Association)
  • Trim stairs

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A football hall with several uses. Several events are held here during the year. The Vuku attack organized every year by Vuku IL. A martna where producers of food, traditional household chores, arts and crafts sell their products. It is also before Christmas Christmas market in the hall. Every year is also organized Big party with famous artists. The hall has a social room with space for approx. 60 people that can be rented for company.


Bærja Café
A pleasant and homely cafe in the center of Vuku. Here you can buy a good lunch and something good to go with your coffee. Pizza, pub nights and other events throughout the year.
Vuku Gatekjøkken
In the middle of Vuku is a small fast food restaurant with a large selection, which is particularly famous for the "Vukuburger'n".

Vuku church

Bærja Kafè