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Trones, Sjøbygda and Volhaugen

North of Verdal center you will find Trones, Sjøbygda and Volhaugen.

Marina and beach at Norskaget, Trones. Photo: Trones Boat Owners' Association


Trones is a peninsula located a ten-minute drive north of the center of Verdal. On Nordskaget there is a residential area, marina, community centre, football pitch, sand volleyball court, nursery school and playground. On The southern peninsula we find one of the country's finest golf courses, as well as open areas with forests and paths that lead down to idyllic beaches and fantastic swimming spots down to the fjord.

The river promenade from Verdal center to Trones is recommended to test out!


Sjøbygda is the area between Trones and Verdalsøra. This area is geographically large and consists of several hamlets and residential areas. Here we also find Soltun village houses.


A few minutes by car from Trones is Volhaugen. Here there are many groomed ski slopes in winter, wonderful forest areas and several child-friendly hiking destinations in both summer and winter.

The ski cabin, which is a generally accessible cabin operated by Verdal orienteering club, is idyllically located by Lake Haukåvatnet and is a natural part of the pistes in Volhaugen. At the ski lodge, there is an open café most weekends during the ski season, where freshly baked waffles, kiosk goods and coffee are on the menu.


The kindergarten at Trones has great walking areas in the immediate vicinity.

Trones, Sjøbygda and Volhaugen belong to Verdalsøra primary and secondary school. The students at Trones have a free bus.

Stiklestad Golf Club. Photo: Norwegian Golf

Sandy beach on Sørskaget, Trones

Photo: Sven Oddne Haugen

Photo: Sven Oddne Haugen