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Leksdal is a village located approx. 12 km from the center of Verdal, on the east side of Leksdalsvatnet. Leksdalsvatnet is a large lake of 21.73 km², located on the border between the municipalities of Steinkjer and Verdal. Around Lake Leksdalsvatnet you will find several fine sandy beaches and bathing areas.

Photo: Øyvind Malum

Leksdal barnehage

Photo: Leksdal kindergarten

School and kindergarten

Leksdal school (-2025)
From autumn 2025, all children living in Leksdal will start at the new Stiklestad school.

Leksdal kindergarten
The kindergarten is located approx. 11 km from the center of Verdal. The building is the old school in Sør-Leksdal, and consists of versatile rooms, including its own gymnasium in the basement. The outdoor area is large and provides room for varied play and activity. We have both a carpentry workshop, storage shed, gap hut and doll's room which are in frequent use.

Hiking areas

Many nice areas for walking, running, cycling and cross-country skiing. Leksdal IL has marked and signposted 50 km of hiking trails in Leksdal,

Ex. Markarunden, Karmhusvollen, Skeisvola, Tjelderknoppen, Musemsåsen, Fånettvatnet, Leksdalsvatnet around by bike.

Marka ski stadium has many varied trails and destinations that are suitable for the whole family. Toboggan run by the ski hut.

Røsslyng teaterlag

Photo from Røsslyng Teaterlag, Veresspelet


• Leksdal IL: Offers in football, skiing and athletics
• Røsslyng theater group
• Leksdølen Youth and theater team
• Leksdal sanitation association
• Hunting and fishing
• Swimming areas (Leksdalsvatnet and Lundselva)

Village house

Fossheim assembly hall

On you can read old and new stories from Leksdal

Bathing area at Leksdalsvatnet. Photo: Steinkjerfotografen