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The Ørmelen housing estate is within walking distance of the city centre.

Ørmelen is located directly across the river from the city centre. Photo: Øyvind Malum

Ørmelen is located between the industrial area/E6 and the center of Verdalsøra. Here you have seven minutes' walking distance to the industrial area, and 10-15 minutes' walking distance to the city centre. At Ørmelen, you will also find Coop Extra, a medical centre, hairdresser and bakery, as well as several businesses.


Located in the middle of the residential area Ørmelen school, which is one of two central schools in Verdal municipality. The earring is a 1.-7. school, with approx. 300 students. The school is the municipality's reception school, and is proud to have students with backgrounds from around 24 different nationalities and a very safe and inclusive school environment.


There is also a large nursery school in the industrial area within walking distance of Ørmelen. This one is called Mermaid kindergarten and has a nice location in connection with nature.

Proximity to everything

Ørmelen and the northern part of the Ørin free area and nature reserve are closely connected. Ørin is a nature area with forest, beaches and paths at the outlet of the Verdalselva.

This is some of what is found at Ørmelen:

  • A short distance to forest areas with hiking trails, gap huts and campfires
  • Large, shallow sandy beach and swimming area on Ørin
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Large dog run right next to the Ørin outdoor area
  • River promenade
  • Football pitches, artificial turf pitch, ball pit, basketball pitch, cycle tracks and play areas at the school
  • Skating rink under the auspices of FAU in the winter
  • Trimbingo Sundays

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Badeplass Verdal kommune

Long sandy beach on Ørin. Photo: Lina Haugen Solstad

The nature reserve on Ørin. Photo: Visit Innherred