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Vinne and Ness

Vinne and Ness are housing estates located in the countryside and in the center of Verdal. Here you have a walking and cycling path all the way into the city centre, and a train stop close to the housing estate. The Jämtlandsvegen to Sweden also passes Vinne/Ness.


Brauta is a smaller housing estate located between the city center and Vinne, surrounded by farmland.


Vinne is a village located five minutes by car from the city centre. Here there are nurseries, a primary school, an activity park and playgrounds. There is also a train stop in Vinne.


In Ness, you live in the countryside and close to open areas and hiking trails. There is also a pedestrian and cycle path into the city centre. With approx. eight minutes by car to the city centre, you also live reasonably centrally. The school district belongs to Vinne primary school (2021).

Lysthaugen and Lysthaugen Upper

In Lysthaugen Øvre, the municipality has ready-to-build plots with wide views over Verdal. Here you live in the countryside and close to open areas with hiking trails and fishing lakes. Here it is airy, open and close to the mountains, while it only takes ten minutes by car to get to the centre. The school district belongs to Vinne primary school (2021).

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Nye Vinne school was completed in autumn 2022.

School and kindergarten

Vinne primary school was built in 2021. A top modern school that inspires a good learning environment! During 2024, a new pedestrian and cycle path will also be built from Lyshaugen Øvre to the school, which links Vinne and Ness even closer. In the vicinity of the school, you will also find the municipal kindergartens Vinne and Kanutten in addition to Verdal's most beautiful activity park. New Vinne kindergarten is under construction.

Win kindergarten
New Vinne kindergarten is under construction
Kanutten kindergarten

Things to do in Vinne og Ness

  • Vinne Activity park offers fun outdoor activities such as ziplining, climbing, bike trails and other activities for visitors of all ages.
  • Hiking: oThe area around Vinne og Ness is characterized by beautiful nature with forests and lakes, perfect for nature walks and relaxation.
  • Hunting and fishing.
Vinne musikkorps

Winning Music Corps


  • Winning Music Corps
  • Vinne Skilag is part of the right of way which is offered in collaboration with Vinne IL. There is a varied range of activities where children in the age group 6-12 can try several different sports during the year. Allidretten operates with a year wheel where the sports roll through the year. There is bare ground training and skiing, football, gymnastics and gymnasium activities. For the little ones, there is also an offer for swimming. read more about Win Ski Team.
  • Light trails and ski stadium, toboggan runs
  • Hiking areas
  • Walking and cycling path to the centre