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Inndalen is a village located along the Jämtlandsveien in the east of Verdal. Here there are rural surroundings and many nice hiking areas. By fv. 72 by Gropa in Inndalen there is also a shop.

The village of Garnes in Inndal. Photo: Skavdal Photo

School and kindergarten

The nearest kindergartens to Inndalen are Vuku kindergarten and new ones Win kindergarten.
The nearest school is Vuku primary and secondary school.

Hiking areas and activities

• In Inndalen there are several great hiking areas
• Marked hiking trails
• Tromsdalen with several large caves
• Berggugleberget/Bergylen - signposted hiking trail from Tromsdalvegen. Read more on Experience Verdal
• The Pilgrimsleden runs through Inndalen
• Zipline, caving, abseiling and gorge walking with Tromsdal's Experiences
• Hunting and fishing
• Swimming places by the river
Verdal Motorsenter
• Garne's village house

Photo: Inndal IL District Council

Photo: Kristian Skavhaug

Photo: Jonas Olofsson