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Live in Verdal - work in Trøndelag

If you live in Verdal, you have the whole of Trøndelag as a potential job market. 


Work in one of the country's largest industrial parks

In Norway's 3rd largest industrial park, Verdal Industripark, there is a multitude of different companies and job opportunities. Here it is a total of 165 companies and over 3,000 employees.

Business life in Innherred provides room for diversity and innovation

With a strong connection to agriculture, industry and technology, Innherred has developed a very exciting business environment.

We believe in cooperation, local pride and a sustainable future for business in Innherred!

In the picture on the left you see Rørlegger´n, which has offices in both Verdal and Inderøy, and customers all over Trøndelag.

Service industries

Grocery stores, specialist shops, shopping centre, hairdressers, fitness centre, medical centre, massage studio, dentists, banks, library, cinema, cafés and restaurants and nightclubs are some of the jobs you will find in Innherred.

In other words, there are many opportunities for jobs in the service industry here!

In the picture you see Hákon Bragi Valgeirsson from Fæby. He has a master's degree and has worked at renowned restaurants in Norway and abroad, and was on the Icelandic national youth cooking team before he moved to Verdal.

Hákon Bragi Valgeirsson from Fæby. Photo: Inherred Business Association

The job market is all of Trøndelag

If you live in Verdal, you can work anywhere in Trøndelag!
With proximity to the E6, and a train station in the center of town, Verdal is connected to large parts of Trøndelag by road, train and bus connections. With Trondheim Airport Værnes only an hour away, you are also only a few hours from Oslo.

In Levanger, a ten-minute drive from Verdal, you will find, among other things, Nord University, Sykehuset Levanger, Alti Magneten and several large companies.
At Skogn, 15 minutes from Verdal, is the cornerstone company Norske Skog.
Trondheim Airport Værnes is located in Stjørdal.
Trondheim is approximately 1.5 hours' drive from Verdal.

At Røra in Inderøy municipality, seven minutes from Verdal, you will find, among other things, Røra factories and Ytterøykylling in addition to several other businesses.

Steinkjer, 30 minutes from Verdal, is home to, among other things, NTE, Nord University and several county municipal workplaces.

Åre municipality is located approx. two hours by car from Verdal.

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